Macoda Mattress Review Australia [Ultimate 2023 Update]

Updated On: 20 April 2022

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Is the Macoda mattress right for you?

If you’re considering it but you’re not quite sure:

Our Macoda mattress review for 2023 will give you everything you need to know to help you make your choice.

Macoda Mattress Review

Macoda Mattress Review

The Go To For Comfort

$750 - $1,250

Date Established



Kensington, Perth


  • Balanced comfort
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Pain relief
  • Cool mattress
  • Customer experience


  • Heavy
  • Costs more than market average

This best mattress Australia, Perth based company was established by two Australians in 2017 who were fed up with the state of the bedding industry.

They set out to create a quality mattress that was environmentally friendly.

The result?

Macoda mattress, one of Australia’s most comfortable and best mattress in a box.

Here is an overview of our Macoda mattress review, feel free to read through or click to the section that interests you most.

Macoda Mattress Price

One of Australia’s best memory foam mattresses:

The feature heavy Macoda comes in a range of sizes and prices:

  • Macoda single mattress: $750
  • Macoda king single mattress: $850
  • Macoda double mattress: $1,000
  • Macoda queen mattress: $1,150
  • Macoda king mattress: $1,250

Although it’s slightly more expensive than the mattress in a box market average, it is a value for money mattress.

Macoda Mattress Sale

Although Macoda doesn’t have sales that often, when they do, they have some great offers.

Here some some Macoda mattress deals you don’t want to miss out on:

  • Halloween ($200 off)
  • Black Friday ($200 off)
  • Cyber Monday ($200 off)

Macoda Mattress Discount Code

Discount codes are generally available around each sale Macoda has.

Here are some they’ve used in the past:

  • ‘SPOOKY’
  • ‘CYBER’

Macoda Mattress Features And Benefits

In this part of the Macoda mattress review, we explore every feature of the mattress and how the benefit sleepers.

Hybrid Mattress

Before we jump into the layers of the Macoda mattress, we just wanted to make note that the mattress itself is hybrid.

A hybrid mattress is a combination of both foam and pocket springs.

The hybrid advantage

Comprised of both pocket springs and multiple foam layers, it’s really a combination of taking the best of the old with a mix of the latest in mattress technology.

The only other mattress really like it to a similar quality of the Macoda would be the Noa mattress.

Macoda Mattress Layers

With a range of layers, this is how Macoda have built their mattress.

Removable Bamboo Cover

Their top cover has a smooth like luxury feel.

Bamboo Cover

It’s unique pattern and gentle ridges provide a consistent feel and resting experience across the mattress.

This layer is also highly breathable, keeping you cool and feeling fresh as you sleep.

Premium Latex

The second layer of the Macoda mattress is one of high quality latex.

Giving a supportive comfortable sleep providing just enough cushion to ensure you feel at rest without the sinking feeling.

Macoda Hybrid Mattress Layers

Gel Infused Memory Foam

Gently moulding to your body, providing a cradle like experience is where the memory foam layer comes in.

As the mattress contains the latex layer, you won’t be sinking into the memory foam, instead you’ll experience a supportive yet comfortable sleep.

High Density Support Foam

Ensuring the longevity of the mattress and supporting the layers above, the high density layer is designed to ensure the mattress has ample support and lasts for years to come.

5-Zone Pocket Spring Foundation

Here is where you’ll find the biggest difference in feel compared to other memory foam mattresses.

The core of the mattress’s structure is the bottom 5-zone pocket spring layer.

The inner spring system provides pressure relief by reacting to where you apply pressure to it.

In saying so, it aligns your body as you rest on it providing excellent spinal support.

Although the Macoda mattress website doesn’t mention pain relief as a result of using their product, many of their customers have complimented the mattress for doing just that.

We’ll go into this in more detail in the customer review section below.

How many pocket springs are we talking?

The amount of springs within the mattress depends on which size mattress you select, here is an overview of the numbers:





King Single








Needless to say this section of the Macoda mattress review highlights the ample support the mattress provides across the entire range.

Edge Support

One key feature is the mattress’s edge support.

When you get up off the bed and sit on its edge, you won’t slide off or sink into the foam mattress.

The high density foam and pocket spring system give the mattress a solid foundation and edge support.

Macoda Mattress Firmness

A combination of well designed layers and high quality gives the Macoda mattress a unique edge to its competitors:

It has a soft overall firmness but still offers a solid level of support.

Suitable for all sleeping types, we’ve given the mattress a firmness rating a 5 out of 10.

Adjusting the mattress firmness

You do have the option to switch the layers around to change the firmness level by simply switching around the top foam layers.

From our experience the changing of layers didn’t result in a noticeable difference in firmness.

On average, regardless of the layer configuration the mattress the firmness rating of 5 out of 10 remains.

Adjust Macoda Mattress Firmness

Back Pain Relief

Although Macoda doesn’t mention this benefit directly on their website.

Their mattress is known to assist and relieve body and back pain.

It’s 5-zoned pocket spring foundation, complimented by the layers above, helps stabilise and align the body whilst resting on the mattress.

This in turn absorbs your body’s weight whilst providing just enough support.

As you continue to sleep on the Macoda mattress and your body adjusts to it, you’ll gradually notice your aches and pains slowly disappearing.

Macoda Mattress Dimensions And Weight

So what is the sizing and weight of the Macoda mattress?

Here is a complete breakdown by size:





92cm X 188cm X 29cm

30 kg

King Single

107cm X 203cm X 29cm

36 kg


137cm X 188cm X 29cm

43 kg


153cm X 203cm X 29cm

50 kg


183cm X 203cm X 29cm

59 kg

Macoda Mattress Weight Limit

How much weight can the mattress support?

A total of 300 kg or 150 kg per side of the mattress.

Mattress Care Instructions

Our Macoda mattress review wouldn’t be complete without looking into the care instructions.

The top layer of the Macoda mattress is a removable layer of bamboo quilting.

If it gets dirty, you can remove and clear it with warm soapy water.

Just give it enough time to completely dry before putting it back on.

Is a mattress protector needed?

Although the mattress will be protected by this layer, Macoda does recommend using a mattress protector to help keep it clean.

Should the Macoda mattress be rotated?

Yes, when you first get the mattresses, it’s recommended to rotate once a month for the first 3 months.

After this, rotating it once every 3 months will suffice.

Should the Macoda mattress be flipped?

No, the mattress has been designed with the layers from top to bottom.

The 5-zoned pocket spring foundation should always remain as the base of the mattress.

Human And Environmentally Friendly

Macoda has gone a long way to ensure their product meets pretty high standards.

In saying so it’s polyurethane foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

To get this certification, the mattress is free of:

  • Ozone depleters
  • Flame retardants
  • Heavy metals including mercury and lead
  • Has low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions for indoor air quality

Beyond this, the bamboo quilting of the Macoda mattress is also OEKO-Tex certified.


It’s been tested to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.

Macoda Mattress Unboxing

How to open Macoda mattress

  1. Cut open the box and the remove the mattress from within
  2. Position you mattress wherever you want it
  3. Unwrap the outer plastic layer
  4. Carefully cut the inner layer and roll it into place
  5. Allow for the Macoda mattress to expand and take shape

How long does it take for a Macoda mattress to expand (fully inflate)?

The mattress will be ready to sleep on right away

Just keep in mind:

It will take up to 48 hours for it to completely expand.

How long can the Macoda mattress stay in the box?

It’s advised to keep the mattress in its box for no longer than 2 weeks.

If you’re planning to keep it in the box longer than this, it’d be best to buy the mattress at a later date.

Macoda unboxing mattress smell

With any foam products, when unboxing it may give off an “off gassing” odour.

This is nothing to worry about and is common.

The best way to deal with this is by simply allowing the mattress to air out in a well ventilated room.

Pro tip:

To speed up the process, you can unzip the mattress cover to help it air out.

How big is the Macoda mattress box?

Varying from size to size, here are the box sizes:




105cm X 30cm X 30cm

King Single

120cm X 32cm X 32cm


150cm X 30cm X 30cm


165cm X 32cm X 32cm


195cm X 32cm X 32cm

Things To Consider Before Buying A Macoda Mattress

In this section of the Macoda mattress review, we look into other things you’ll need to keep in mind before deciding whether it’s the right mattress for you.

Macoda Mattress On Floor


Does Macoda have a showroom or stockists?

No it doesn’t, if you’d like to try the mattress you can do so from the comfort of your own home and you can do so with a lengthy trial period.

100 Night Trial

If you don’t fall in love with your mattress within 100 nights, you have the option to return it free of charge,

It really is a risk-free trial.

However, if you don’t look after your Macoda mattress during the trial, you won’t be able to return it.

The mattress must not be:

  • Stained
  • Damaged
  • In poor condition

Minimal trial period

Macoda does request you trial the mattress for at a minimum of 28 days before deciding whether it’s the one for you.

Adjust period

Most customers adjust to the Macoda mattress within 7 days.

Macoda Mattress Return

Macoda return policy

If you make up your mind and want to return the mattress, simply contact Macoda and they’ll arrange a free collection and return.

In some regional areas, if free collection isn’t available, you’ll need to arrange for the mattress to be returned.

The refund will be processed once Macoda receives the mattress.

Salvation Army

Macoda has partnered with the Salvation Army.

Any returned mattresses are either donated to them or recycled.

Macoda Mattress Warranty

Macoda guarantee

You’ll be glad to know:

All mattresses come with a 10 year warranty.

The warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials.

One thing to note:

A warranty claim can only be made by the original purchaser, so be sure to buy the mattress brand new if you want to be covered.

Any minor manufacturing flaws or general wear in the mattress won’t be covered by the warranty.

To start a warranty claim, simply reach out to the Macoda team.

Macoda Mattress Delivery

Some great news on the delivery front:

Macoda offers free delivery Australia wide including Tasmania.

Here is an overview of their delivery timelines:



Sydney, Melbourne & Perth Metro

1-2 Business Days

Canberra & Adelaide

2-3 Business Days


3-5 Business Days

Northern Territory & Tasmania

5+ Business Days


3-10 Business Days

Very Regional

10-15 Business Days

Macoda are quite good when it comes to the communication around your mattress delivery.

You’ll be contacted when it gets close and they’ll call to arrange a delivery time that suits you best.

Where To Buy The Macoda Mattress?

If you’d like to buy the Macoa mattress you can do so by visiting their online store.

Payment Options

When it comes to buying your mattress, Macoda offers a range of payment options.

Standard payment

  • Credit card
  • Debit card

Express checkout

You have the option to checkout fast with:

Payment plans

You can pay in installments with:

  • Afterpay: 4 easy payments
  • Zip: Repayments from $40/ month

Macoda covers all possible payment methods.

So, you really have no excuse if you’re thinking of buying it 🙊

Macoda Mattress Review

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the last section of our Macoda mattress review.

You’re almost at the end.

Here we look at the review of the mattress both the good and the bad.

Macoda Mattress Negative Reviews

Although many praise the mattress, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Heavy mattress: Having a thickness of 29 cm and loaded with a range of layers and an internal spring system. The mattress is quite heavy, with a weight range of 30 kg - 59kg, this is a reflection of the the quality of the mattress but it’s just something for you to keep in mind
  • Costs more than market average: Although it’s quite cheap compared to other mattresses in general, compared to the mattress in a box average, the Macoda is a little more on the expensive end

Macoda Mattress Positive Reviews

Here are the most common positive reviews of the mattress paired with our experience with Macoda:

  • Balanced comfort: One of the most common positive reviews is how comfortable the mattress is. So many customers are pleased with the mattress and go on about how cosy it is
  • Hybrid mattress: A real stand out here is the hybrid structure of the mattress. Combining the best of old mattress and new mattress technology, foam and springs
  • Pain relief: Many customers have noticed a reduction in back and other pain after sleeping on the Macoda mattress. In some cases, pain has gone completely
Macoda Mattress Customer Review
  • Cool mattress: The structure of the mattress and quality of materials used allow for excellent airflow throughout making it a very cool mattress. Customers have noticed how cool they are when resting on it
  • Customer experience: Macoda’s team does provide excellent customer experience. Customers have mentioned how great and happy to help they were from both a buying and returning perspective

Macoda Mattress Review In Summary

That’s a wrap, you’ve made it to the end of our Macoda mattress review for 2023.

So should you buy the mattress?

Is the mattress right for you?

We hope our review has helped you answer these questions.

And of course, if you’re still unsure, you can reach out and leave a comment, we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have.


If you are looking for a very comfortable high quality mattress, then the Macoda is definitely one to consider.

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