The Ultimate Ecosa Vs Koala Mattress Review (2019 Update) 

Last Updated: January 3, 2019

By  Mattress In A Box Reviews

Ding Ding Ding, today the two heavy weights of the mattress in a box industry go head to head.

Who will be victorious in our Ecosa vs Koala review?

Ecosa Vs Koala Feature Image

(Queue the Rocky theme track)

Ladies and gentlemen…

In the BLUE corner we have Ecosa and in the RED corner we have Koala.

Sit back and grab your popcorn folks…

Cause it’s on!

Here is a breakdown of today’s main event:

  1. The Ecosa Vs Koala Mattress
  2. Mattress Care
  3. Night Trial & Returns
  4. Warranty
  5. Environmentally Friendly
  6. Delivery
  7. Charity Involvement
  8. In Store Trial
  9. Payment Options
  10. The Victor

1. The Ecosa Vs Koala Mattress

Round one – The Ecosa and Koala mattress go toe to toe.

Ecosa Vs Koala Mattress

Koala offers a size range of:

  • Single
  • King Single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King

Whilst Ecosa offers these exact sizes plus two additional sizes:

  • Long Single
  • Super King

Price Range

Single $799 $750
Long Single $849
King Single $899 $850
Double $999 $950
Queen $1,099 $1,050
King $1,199 $1,200
Super King $1,499

Current Promotions

Ecosa Mattress: $200 off

Koala Mattress: $100 off


The Ecosa mattress comprises of 3 layers and 3 firmness options:

  • Medium
  • Medium-firm
  • Firm

The Koala mattress is not too firm or soft and comprises of 2 foam layers and 1 firmness option of a mediumish feel.

Both competitively priced.

Ecosa has various firmness options and a few more sizes than Koala.

After an intense first round, the judges award it to…


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2. Mattress Care 

Both the Ecosa and Koala mattress come with a removeable machine washable cover which is great.

This round would have been a draw, however…

The Ecosa mattress has a waterproof inner cover that makes caring for your mattress easier and provides great protection against dust mites.

Ecosa Vs Koala Mattress Care

Round 2 goes to:


3. Night Trial & Returns

Both companies have a minimum trial period of 14 nights.

Koala offers a 120 night trial period.

Ecosa offers a 100 night trial period.

If you decide to return your mattress:

  • Ecosa will give you a full refund regardless of where you live in Australia
  • Koala will only give a full refund to customers who live in metropolitan areas. For those who live outside these areas, you may have to pay the cost of the return

Ecosa Vs Koala Night Trial & Returns

Koala’s extra 20 nights of trial on Ecosa is great.

However, their refund policy isn’t as open as Ecosa’s.

After a really close third round, it has been awarded to:


4. Warranty

Both companies have similar warranty policies.

Ecosa Vs Koala Warranty

Ecosa provides a 15 year warranty whilst Koala offers a 10 year warranty.

Round 4 goes to:


5. Environmentally Friendly

Bravo to both companies for being environmentally responsible.

Ecosa Vs Koala Environmentally Friendly

Ecosa’s mattresses are:

Whilst Koala’s mattresses are:

  • GECA (Good Environment Choice Australia) certified

One of the closest rounds yet…

The judges decide that this round is a:


6. Delivery

Both Ecosa and Koala offer same day delivery in metropolitan areas.

Great Stuff!

They both also offer weekday evening deliveries.

Super Great Stuff!

Ecosa Vs Koala Delivery

However, Koala also offers Saturday morning deliveries and have partnered with Soft Landing.

This partnership really benefits Sydneysiders as they will pick up your old mattress free of charge.

Melburnians can also benefit from this partnership but for a small fee.

After 6 long rounds, this one goes to…


Ecosa Vs Koala Results Update

Ecosa: 4

Koala: 1

Draw: 1

7. Charity Involvement

Both Ecosa and Koala like to give back.

Ecosa have partnered with the Salvation Army and any returned mattress or pillow gets donated to those in need.

To date, they have donated 3,500+ mattresses and 300+ pillows across Australia and New Zealand.

Excellent Stuff!

With Koalas at risk of extinction in NSW, Koala decided to do their part to help our cute cuddly friends.

Ecosa Vs Koala Charity Involvement

They have partnered with WWF Australia and for every mattress sold, they donate some of the money to assist with Koala preservation.

Great Stuff Koala!

This super close round goes to:


8. In Store Trial

Ecosa vs Koala…

After 8 long rounds, neither are backing down.

Round 8 Koala brings out it’s secret strategy…

Myer in store trial.

Ecosa Vs Koala In Store Trial

If you live in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, you have the option to try the Koala mattress in store.

Simply select a store and go in to try it.

Round 8 goes to:


9. Payment Options

Both Ecosa and Koala accept Mastercard and Visa.

Additional unique payment options

Ecosa: American Express

Koala: PayPal

Ecosa Vs Koala Payment Options

Additional common payment options

Both Afterpay and Zip offer customers flexible, monthly interest free payments.

The final round of the Ecosa vs Koala review is a:


10. The Victor

Both heavy weights fought fiercely.

As they sit in their corners and recover…

The results are in and have been tallied:

Ecosa: 4

Koala: 3

Draw: 2

After 9 long rounds, our Ecosa vs Koala review victor for 2019 is:


Ecosa Vs Koala The Victor

The Main Event Has Come To An End 

There you have it ladies and gentlemen.

How was our Ecosa vs Koala review, what round was your favourite?

Are you an Ecosa or Koala shopper? Comment your thoughts and experiences with us.

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