HappySleep Mattress Review Australia [The Ultimate 2023 Update]

Updated On: 20 April 2022

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This is it.

This is the HappySleep mattress review that will answer that one question you need answered:

Will the HappySleep mattress make me happy?

HappySleep Mattress

HappySleep Mattress Review

Best Well Rounded Mattress

$699 - $1,099

Date Established



Campbellfield, Melbourne


  • Value for money
  • Comfort and support
  • Customer service
  • Delivery


  • Can feel too firm for some
  • 100 night trial for regional locations

Ladies and gentle.

In this review, we look at every detail that matters most in deciding whether this mattress is the right one for you.

So before we say another lame joke.

Let’s get started!

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Here is what to expect in our updated HappySleep mattress review for 2023:

HappySleep Mattress Price

Overall, for the mattress quality and value, it’s priced quite competitively.

Ranked as one of Australia’s best memory foam mattresses, the HappySleep mattress cost per size is as follows:

The HappySleep mattress cost and sizes are as follows:

  • HappySleep single mattress: $699
  • HappySleep king single mattress: $799
  • HappySleep double mattress: $899
  • HappySleep queen mattress: $999
  • HappySleep king mattress: $1,099

With sizes up to queen under $999, the mattress is very affordable.

HappySleep Mattress Sale

Beyond the discount codes, you can also shop the following HappySleep mattress deals:

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas

HappySleep Mattress Features And Benefits

HappySleep Mattress Layers

Diving right into the HappySleep mattress review, it's all about the layers.

With a total of 4 layers from top to bottom.

There’s a range of benefits we look at in this section of the HappySleep mattress review.

Tencel Cover Top

The top layer is a breathable cool, soft layer of Tencel.

Tencel has a few core features:

  • It’s more breathable than cotton
  • Is naturally bacteriostatic
  • Comes from natural wood pulp

The unique 3D hexagon pattern of this layer, allows for excellent airflow, keeping you fresh and cool throughout the night.

Bouncy Latex Layer

Their tried and tested second comfort layer of latex material is durable.

It also relieves pressure across your body by actively responding to the areas where you apply the most pressure to it.

Complementing the Tencel cover top, HappySleep’s pinhole layer of latex is also designed to keep you cool as you sleep.

HappySleep Mattress Layers

Air Memory Foam Layer

This layer ensures best in class pressure relief by distributing your body weight evenly across the mattress as you lay.

The material of this layer is also designed to minimise partner disturbance, featuring zero motion transfer.

Supportive Base Layer

The final layer of the mattress.

Here we have HappySleep’s high-density supportive base.

This layer ensures the longevity of the mattress and has been built to last for years to come.

The base of the cover is non-slip.

If you have your mattress on the floor, it won’t slide around the floor as you move on it.

Adjusting The Mattress Firmness

The mattress has two firmness options:

  • Medium
  • Medium firm

If the top layer isn’t firm enough, simply remove the cover and switch the top two layers around for greater support and a firmer sleeping experience.

HappySleep Mattress Firmness

With a structured composition of layers designed to suit a range of sleep types and positions, the mattress is well rounded.

Having weight distributing throughout the layers, we’ve given the mattress the following firmness ratings:

Medium rating

6 out of 10.

Medium firm rating

7 out of 10.

HappySleep Mattress Dimensions And Weight

Depending on the size you’re after, dimensions and weight of the HappySleep mattress does differ.

You can see a complete overview of this in the below table.





92cm X 188cm X 25cm

21 kg

King Single

106cm X 203cm X 25cm

26 kg


137cm X 188cm X 25cm

30 kg


153cm X 203cm X 25cm

35 kg


183cm X 203cm X 25cm

42 kg

HappySleep Mattress Weight Limit

The HappySleep mattress can handle a total weight of 300 kg.

It can support the weight of 2 people up to 150kg each.

Mattress Care Instructions

This part of our HappySleep mattress review is the most exciting...

Care instructions 🙊

Do you need a mattress protector?

Yes, HappySleep states that to keep your mattress clean, you must use a mattress protector.

How to clean the top layer of the HappySleep mattress

If you do happen to dirty the top layer of the mattress, follow these instructions to clean it:

  • Unzip and remove the cover
  • Wash with gentle detergent
  • Allow the protector to completely dry
  • Place it back on the mattress

Alternatively, you can spot clean it.

To do so, simply dab the affected area with gentle detergent and allow to dry completely. 

Does the HappySleep mattress need to be flipped?

The mattress itself does not need to be flipped.

Keep in mind that the mattress is designed from top to bottom, so flipping the mattress is not ideal.

Should the HappySleep mattress be rotated?

Yes, to ensure an even wear of the mattress, it’s recommended to rotate the mattress once every 3 months.

Human And Environmentally Friendly

You’ll be glad to know that the HappySleep mattress is made to the highest standards.

Its foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

Meaning they are made without:

  • Ozone depletes (formaldehyde)
  • Heavy metals (lead and mercury)
  • Have low VOC emissions (for indoor air quality)

Their Tencel Honeycomb 3D Cover is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 tested.

Meaning it has been tested and free from:

  • Heavy metals
  • Harmful substances

This certificate will give you confidence knowing that it's free from harmful chemicals.

Mattress Unboxing

When you receive the mattress, it will be delivered in the box.

Here are the dimensions of the box you will receive:

  • Single: 36 x 36 x 102 cm
  • King single: 36 x 36 x 118 cm
  • Double: 50 x 52 x 76 cm
  • Queen: 48 x 52 x 84 cm
  • King: 50 x 50 x 100 cm

To unbox and setup the HappySleep mattress, follow these steps:

  1. Cut the lid of the box
  2. Remove the mattress from the box
  3. Place it on the surface you’ve selected
  4. Cut the protective cover and roll the mattress into palace
  5. Watch the mattress inflate
  6. Completely remove the plastic protective cover

How long does it take for a HappySleep mattress to expand (fully inflate)

The HappySleep mattress will completely expand within 30 minutes.

It’ll take up to 48 - 72 hours for the mattress to return to it’s complete shape and strength.

However, you can sleep on the mattress soon after unboxing.

HappySleep unboxing mattress smell

When you first unbox and unwrap the mattress, it will have a new like smell.

It’d be best to have the mattress rest in a well ventilated room for a few hours, allowing the smell to go.

How long can the HappySleep mattress stay in the box?

No longer than 1 - 2 weeks.

If you’re planning to have the mattress stay in the box any longer than this, it’s best to buy the mattress at a later date.

Things To Consider Before Buying A HappySleep Mattress

HappySleep Mattress On Floor

HappySleep Showroom

The company doesn’t have a showroom or any stockists.

If you’d like to try the mattress you can do so from the comfort of your home.

And you can do so knowing you have a 100 night free trial.

HappySleep Mattress 100 Night Trial

Our HappySleep mattress review wouldn't be up to scratch if we didn't look at their night trial.

When you receive the mattress, you’ll have 100 nights to decide whether it’s right for you or not.

If you choose not to keep the mattress, you simply need to contact the HappySleep team and they’ll process a full refund for you.

It’s very important to note:

The mattress must be kept in good condition and be free from stains or tears if you wish to return it.

If you don’t look after the mattress, this will void your ability to return it.

Some regional areas won’t be eligible for a 100 night trial.

If you do live in one of these locations and you’re not sure if you’ll be covered, it’d be best to contact the team to confirm.

Minimal trial period

As it may take some time for you to adjust to the new mattress, there is a minimum amount of time you must trial it before making up your mind.

Once you receive the mattress, you do need to keep it for at least 1 month before deciding if it’s right for you.

HappySleep Mattress Return

If you do decide to return the mattress and you’ve kept it in good condition, contact HappySleep and they’ll arrange for the mattress to be picked up.

All returned mattress are either:

  • Donated to charity or 
  • Recycled

Just keep in mind the minimal trial period of 30 days.

HappySleep Mattress Warranty

The HappySleep mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.

It gives you the guarantee for repairs during the warranty period.

If you do want to make a claim, you will need your proof of purchase.

One thing to keep in mind:

The warranty cannot be transferred and is only available to the original purchaser.

HappySleep Mattress Delivery

Depending on where you live, delivery times do differ.

How much is delivery?

Completely free for all those who live in Australia.

HappySleep 4 hour delivery

For those of you who live in Melbourne metro, you’re in luck.

If you order your mattress before 12 p.m., you can expect to receive it on the same day between 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

This is only available on weekday orders.

If you order over the weekend, you’ll receive the mattress on Monday.

Delivery for other locations

  • Sydney metro: 2 - 5 business days
  • Adelaide metro: 2 - 5 business days
  • Brisbane metro: 7 - 10 business days
  • Perth metro: 7 - 10 business days

Regional Deliveries

If you do live in a remote location, expect a mattress delivery timeframe longer than those of the metro areas.

Where Are HappySleep Mattresses Made?

The mattress is designed in Melbourne, Australia and made in China.

It’s made to the highest quality and health standards.

Having it manufactured overseas allows the company to reduce the cost of making the mattress.

Which makes it cheaper for you to buy.

Where To Buy The HappySleep Mattress?

If you’d like to buy the HappySleep mattress, you can do so by visiting their online store.

You can also claim their current promotion of $300 off.

Payment Options

You can securely purchase the mattress using standard online payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal

Flexible payment

If you’d like to get the mattress now but don’t want to pay the full amount right away, HappyWay does provide the following flexible payment options:

  • Afterpay: Pay over 4 instalments
  • Zip: Pay from $10/ week

HappySleep Mattress Review

Operating since 2015, the company has received a range of reviews.

And we’ve summarised what you need to know below.

HappySleep Mattress Negative Reviews

  • Can feel too firm for some: For those who prefer a softer level of mattress support, some customers have complained that the mattress was too firm for them
  • 100 night trial for regional locations: Unfortunately if you live in a regional location, you won’t be eligible for the 100 night free trial

HappySleep Mattress Positive Reviews

  • Value for money: Many customers have complimented the mattress for its quality and value for money
  • Comfort and support: Offering firm and medium-firm support levels, the majority of customers like the level of support the mattress provides
  • Customer service: A very common HappySleep review is the great customer service of the company, whether you’re buying or returning, they’re always happy to help
  • Delivery: The company provides a good delivery experience. Overall customers have been quite happy with delivery communication and timeframes

HappySleep Mattress Review In Summary

And that’s a wrap ladies and gentle.

Our updated Happy Sleep mattress review for 2023 is now complete.

So the question remains, should you buy the HappySleep mattress?

Overall if you’re looking for a well rounded quality mattress that is great value for money, it’d be a good idea to consider it.

It does compare very well against others in the industry.

With a 100 night free trial, you have plenty of time to decide whether it’s right for you.

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If you’re currently considering the HappySleep mattress or have already purchased one, be sure to share your experience below.

It’d be great to hear and it may help others who are in a similar position to you 😊

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