Benefits Of Waking Up Early: A Detailed List (Strategies Included)

Updated On: 24 May 2022

By: Mattress In A Box Reviews

If you’re a morning person, chances are you’re already familiar with the many benefits waking up early has to offer. ☀️

Benefits Of Waking Up Early

If you’re not a morning person, you may need some convincing. 

Actually, you probably need a lot of convincing. 🙊

Whilst we can’t promise you that at the end of this article, you’ll have an epiphany and feel as though waking up early is your new purpose in life…

We can guarantee it’ll be something you’ll definitely consider.


Here's a overview of what to expect, feel free to read through or go to the section that interests you most:

Mental Benefits

Less Likely to Suffer from Mental Illness

If this reason isn’t in itself reason enough to wake up early, then we don’t know what is. 

During these unprecedented times, we need to be doing everything we can to make life just that little bit easier. 

Research indicates that women who wake up earlier are far less likely to develop mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.  

This idea isn’t completely far fetched. 

Restorative sleep, simply put, is the completion of all the five stages of sleep. 😴

Deep Sleep On Pillow

This includes the chemical and physical changes in the body that allow the body and mind to repair, heal and grow. 

Sleeping earlier and waking up early ensures that our bodies are getting everything they need to make sure our mental and physical are running exactly as they should! 💪🏽

More Positive Attitude

According to research conducted in 2014, those who slept earlier were less burdened than those who woke up late. ⏰

Think about how many times we stay up late at night, riddled with anxiety ridden thoughts.

We aren’t saying that by sleeping earlier you’ll immediately stop negative thoughts.

Definitely not saying that. 🙅🏽‍♀️

What we are saying is that good habits can reduce the opportunity for negative thoughts. 

No harm in setting good habits!

Peace & Solace

It is no secret that in those quiet moments of the morning, you experience peace that you just don’t experience at any other time of the day. 

Forget the peace in your house alone, but the peace in the world is different also. 🌿

There is no honking from traffic, no neighbours yelling - or in my case, playing music. 

This also makes a perfect time to step out of the house and get fresh air. 

According to research, quiet moments are incredibly beneficial for the brain and body. 🧠

Peace and Solace

Quiet moments help increase oxygen levels in the brain, reducing blood pressure, lessening blood pressure and improving all over mental health. 

Personal Benefits 

Setting Yourself Up For Success

As it turns out, the early bird really does get the worm. 🐛

Christoph Randler conducted a study of 367 university students and confirmed that this was the case. 

Randler’s research found that there was a direct link between waking up early and:

  • Better grades in school 📚, 
  • Getting into more prestigious colleges and
  • Better job opportunities

He also highlighted that those who wake up earlier tended to be good problem solvers. ⁉️ 

Being a good problem solver has been linked to proactivity, better job performance, greater career success and higher wages.  

Fewer Distractions

Many people who wake up early, cite fewer distractions. 

Whether its kids 🧒🏼, your phone buzzing, work conversations - or anything really, you are far less likely to be distracted at the early hours of the morning. 

What this means, is in those early hours of the morning, it's just you and your goals.

Fewer Distractions

You’re far more likely to achieve goals if you’re not being distracted - whether if it's in the long term, or on a Tuesday morning!

Better Problem Solvers

A well rested and rejuvenated mind is more prepared to deal with whatever the day throws at it. 

Firstly, your mind will be more energised from being well rested. 

It will also be better organised due to your brain’s ability to solve problems better when its had a good night's rest. 

Better Problem Solvers

If this isn’t enough, a good night's sleep also ensures a better balance in the brain’s chemicals meaning you’ll be in a better mood to get yourself out of any pickle 😉! 

More Organised

Too many times, I’ve gone to bed intending to do a few things in the morning.

Too many times, I haven’t executed these intentions. 🙃

So this point for me resonates on a personal level. 

Forgetting simple things in the morning like:

  • Making lunch, 
  • Exercising, 
  • Filling up the car with petrol and 
  • Cleaning the kitty litter 🐱

The Sunrise

I once read “The Sunrise is a gift we choose not to open everyday” ☀️

Catching the sun rise is in itself a reason to wake up early. 

Studies have shown that those who spend a minimum of 2 hours a week in nature report overall better health. 🌳

In the same study, people who spent consistent time in nature also reported all over better well being. 

Man Looking At Sunrise

For me, catching the sunrise is medicinal. 

I find that when I can witness the beginning of a new day, my problems seem just that little bit less intense. 

Easier to Get Into A Routine

Developing a consistent routine is one of the general keys for success in life. 🔑

Having a good routine can alleviate stress and can help improve mental health.  

It also allows you to plan for things that are important for you and things that you feel are important to include in your day. 

For me, getting up early allows me to prepare my meals 🥗, go to the gym and generally gives me extra time in case I encounter any unexpected plans during the day!

Time to Connect

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, the early morning is time to connect with yourself, your purpose and your higher power. 🙏🏽

Giving yourself time in the morning to reflect on yourself, life and your purpose. 

Setting your intention for the day before you begin it, allows you to move throughout your day with purpose rather than obligation. 

How can we achieve what we set out to do when we’re living unconsciously?

We can’t. 🙅🏾‍♀️

When you are clear about your purpose, and are connected with yourself and your higher power - your sense of identity is much likely to be stronger. 

Curbing Bad Habits

Bad habits at night before bed can include, but are not limited to:

  • Having a big night, 
  • Being on a screen 📲, 
  • Lying awake with anxiety ridden thoughts
Curbing Bad Habits

One of the biggest benefits of waking up early, is being able to sleep earlier. 

You’ll be less likely to push that night out, scroll through Instagram or even be able to stay awake and give those thoughts air. 

More Family Time

With relationships, you get out what you put in. 💑 

Family is no exception to this.

When we fall behind in our daily tasks, or unplanned events occur - the end of the day can tend to be chaotic. 

By waking up early, and planning your day - having ease at the end of your day is far more likely. 

You’re also more likely to feel a greater sense of satisfaction. 

So, what does this have to do with family time 👨‍👩‍👧?

If at the end of the day, you’re feeling a little less stressed and things have gone to plan - you’re more likely to feel available to give your family some quality time. 

You may be tired at the end of the day, but if you have many tasks looming over your head - you’re less likely to be present with your family.

Professional and Academic Benefits

Better Grades

Studies in the US and Europe have shown a direct link between higher grades and waking up early in university students. 🎓

Whilst it could be likely that this is attributed to the fact that early risers also possess other productive qualities such as:

  • Consistency, 
  • Good time management and 
  • Dedication
Better Grades

Keeping to a regulated sleep schedule also helps keep your circadian rhythm in check. ✅ 

In simple terms, your internal clock that cues you to do certain things at certain times of the day!


In the 21st century, the idea of commuting to work is something very familiar. 🚙

No one likes being stuck in traffic, except oil and gas companies. 

Getting up early will help you save time on your commute to work.

The earlier you’re able make your way to work, the more likely you are to beat the traffic. 

So, if you’re struggling with that long commute - try waking up early, and getting into the office earlier 🏢! 

You Will Have Made Progress 

After having established what can be a difficult habit, you’re more likely to feel confident and in control of yourself. 

Mastering a difficult habit will allow you to see that you really can achieve anything you set your mind to. 💪🏽

This belief in self is likely to spill over into other parts of your life, giving you the confidence and experience of setting difficult goals and achieving them. 

It's The Little Things 

I am a firm believer that it's the little things in life that make it beautiful. 🌻 

Waking up earlier will give you the time and mental clarity to do some of the things that will foster a better quality of life. 

An early morning will give you time to make a wholesome breakfast 🥞🍳🌯, pack your own lunch for work, read the news and meditate. 

Wholesome Breakfast

More than anything, it gives you the space to start your day in the most stress free way. 

Physical Benefits

More Energy

As a general rule, early risers generally have better sleep patterns than night owls. 🦉 

When your body is able to get all the sleep it needs, a bunch of things happen that make it easier for you to seize the day. 

Once your body enters a deeper phase of the sleep cycle, blood pressure drops, blood supply to muscles increases, breathing slows right down and as a result your muscles are relaxed. 

This has important benefits to the body such as bone repair and cellular correction. 

Essential hormones that are crucial for muscle development are released at this time. 

When your body is working at maximum capacity, it means it's so much more well equipped and energised to take on the day. ⚡️

Better Quality of Sleep 

It's no secret that early risers tend to fall asleep faster than their night owl counterparts. 

Logically, the earlier you wake up the earlier your body will be requiring sleep at night. 🌙 

When you’re tired, you’re more likely to get quality sleep as soon as you get into bed. 

Is there any science behind it? Yep. 

Longer waking hours lead to your body building up a good amount of adenosine. 

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that encourages sleep by inhibiting neuroactivity. 🧠

Waking up earlier makes for a faster and more effective accumulation process, meaning you’re more likely to complete all stages of the sleep cycle. 

Healthier Skin

Having a proper sleeping routine gives your skin the time it needs to rejuvenate. 

Our skin is best after a night of restful sleep. 😴

Healthy Skin

Healthy morning habits such as keeping hydrated and exercising 🏋🏽‍♀️, help to oxygenate the blood and promote healthier skin. 

Waking up early also gives you more opportunity to develop a healthier skin care routine giving your skin the nourishment and love it deserves. 💆🏻‍♀️

Overall Attractiveness

Getting quality and consistent sleep can help improve overall appearance. 

Sleeping irregularly and sleeping late, generally makes you look more tired (no news here). 

If you’re a woman reading this, you probably know concealer. 

If you’re someone like me, it's a staple in my makeup routine. 💅🏽

As it turns out, the best concealer is a good night’s rest. 😴

A poor sleeping routine brings about dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. 

Keeps Certain Diseases At Bay

Experts have suggested that various lifestyle diseases can be kept at bay by a good night's sleep and a low stress lifestyle.

Waking up early can aid in preventing lifestyle diseases such as thyroid syndrome, obesity and PCOS.

Common causes for these diseases include stress, anxiety, poor diet and lack of exercise 🏃🏾‍♀️ 

Getting a solid night’s sleep helps regular hormone production.

Without a good night’s sleep, all of our organs can’t function the way they need. 

Overall Health Improvements 

Waking up early has overall benefits for your health.

Health Improvements

Whilst some of these are quite specific, if you wake up early and maintain a consistent sleep routine - you’re more likely to find the following benefits:

  • Maintaining good energy levels 📈, 
  • Stablisies metabolic functions, 
  • Keeps blood pressure under control and 
  • Avoiding hypertension

Strategies For Getting You There

So now that we have a clear understanding of the holistic good waking up early can bring, how do you practically go about applying it 🤷🏽‍♂️?

If you’re someone who can set their alarm, and move on - then you probably don’t need this. 

But, I doubt that anyone can really do this consistently when beginning a new habit. 

So, what are the secrets 🤫?


This is the first key to achieving any goal.

A few months ago, I set out to achieve a personal goal and my husband told me:

“Motivation is great, but you need to focus more on consistency, because you won’t always be motivated but you can be consistent.” ☝🏽

Goal Achievement

Being consistent despite whether you feel like it or not, is what separates achieving a goal from giving up on it. 

So, in case you didn’t get the message yet - be consistent. 😉 

Set An Alarm ⏰

The second key is practically doing  something about it. 

Set an alarm.

Let’s say it again a little louder for those in the back. 

Set.⏰ An.⏰ Alarm.⏰ 

If you’re prone to hitting the snooze button, put your alarm (or phone) in a place where you have to get up and turn it off.

Getting up will mean you’re less likely to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. 😉 

There are also some really cool apps for helping you wake up early. 

Personally, the most effective ones for me are the maths ones. Yeah, maths. 🙃 

You have to solve a series of maths problems before your alarm will turn off! 

Super annoying. But super effective!

Take A Cold Shower 🚿

There’s really no secret here as to why this will wake you up quickly. 

Warm water is a little more likely to make you sleepier. 

If you can’t have a purely cold shower - you may want to have cold water and switch to hot (not warm) at 30 second intervals. 

Cold Shower

Some people manage to have a completely cold shower. ❄️

Either way, if you inject cold water in your shower routine - you’re going to very effectively wake yourself up. 

Go To Bed Earlier 🛏

If you’re intending to wake up early, you really need to consider what time you’re going to bed. 

Adults typically need 6-8 hours of sleep, depending on their sleep needs. 

It may take a little trial and error, but you’ll work it out if you’re consistent enough. 

It’s important if you’re trying to sleep earlier than usually, the following tips can help:

  • Avoid devices 📲, 
  • Keep a consistent bedtime routine and 
  • Don’t eat within an hour of going to sleep

Keep The Same Schedule 

This important particularly for weekends or days off. 

Your natural inclination will be to sleep in on these days. Don’t. 🤚🏽

Sleeping In

It's disruptive in terms of achieving your goals, but more importantly it's disruptive for your body's rhythm which can be damaging for your health. 😔

For best results in all aspects of your life, keep that routine as consistent as you can.

Benefits Of Waking Up Early In Summary

Waking up early isn’t an easy task. 

But it’s safe to say that if you can manage the challenges of waking up early, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. 

Waking up early can improve your physical and mental health in more than one way. 

For me, the inner peace it brings in being able to reflect on life and my purpose is reason enough. 😌 

Taking little steps such as setting an alarm, taking a cold shower and having a good night sleep are all beneficial steps to help you establish this consistent routine.

Before you tell yourself “I can’t do it”, give it a go. 😉

Set a solid intention and put practical strategies into play, and you may just see how far you can go!

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