8 Best Memory Foam Pillows Australia [2019 Review & Update] 

Last Updated: January 10, 2019

By  Mattress In A Box Reviews

You’re about to see the 8 best memory foam pillows in Australia for 2019.

Our memory foam pillow review will help you make the best decision in no time.

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These are the 8 best memory foam pillows for 2019:

  1. Ecosa Pillow
  2. Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow
  3. My Side Gel Infused Inlay Memory Foam Pillow
  4. Relax Therapy Memory Foam Pillow
  5. Somnio Clean Memory Foam Pillow
  6. Sooma Clean Memory Foam Pillow
  7. Morgan & Finch Memory Foam Pillow
  8. Sleeping Duck Pillow

1. Ecosa Pillow

Starting off with the plush feeling and supportive Ecosa Pillow.

The pillow consists of 3 layers:

  1. Removeable washable cover, making it easy to care for
  2. Breathable 3D structure which promotes air flow keeping you cool
  3. Activated charcoal memory foam which provides antibacterial protection

Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow

Offering a comfortable, supportive sleep:

The Ecosa memory foam pillow will have you sleeping on clouds whilst providing support to key pressure points.


Want a great night’s sleep?

This pillow comes with additional pads allowing you to adjust the height, providing the perfect level of comfort and support.

Warranty, Shipping, Delivery

  • The pillow comes with a 100 day warranty
  • Free shipping and returns Australia wide
  • Delivery window of 2 – 7 business days

Price, Promotion & Payment

You can snap up this dreamy pillow for $120.

But wait:

You will get $20 off each pillow when you buy 2 or more.

You can also benefit from paying via Afterpay or Zip which are buy now and pay later monthly interest free payment options.

Overall: The versatile Ecosa pillow offers customers with great flexibility across comfort, trial and payment.

2. Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow

For those who truly value a good sleep…

You may not need to look further than the Ergoflex HD memory foam pillow.

This memory foam pillow karate chops its way to our second best pick for 2019.

It is made with the same quality high-density visco-elastic memory foam used in their Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress.

Excellent Support For All Sleep Types

Thanks to the pillow’s firm feel and memory foam it is great for those who require head and neck support.


The pillow gently shapes to your shape providing comfort whilst relieving pressure…

Making it suitable for all sleep types and those who suffer from an uncomfortable sleep.

Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow

Anti-Allergenic & Anti-Microbial

This high quality memory foam pillow comes with a TENCEL cover which is machine washable.

Did we mention that the cover is naturally anti-allergenic?

Made with natural material, it is super breathable and friendly to those who suffer from allergies.

The pillow is also anti-microbial making it really hygienic.

Price, Payment, Returns & Warranty

You can invest in a lifetime of sweet dreams with the Ergoflex HD memory foam pillow for $124.99.

There is also the flexible Zip payment option.

Allowing you to buy it now and pay over 6 months with no interest.

If you would like to return the pillow, you can do so within 14 days from purchasing it.

Keep in mind, the cost of the return is the responsibility of the purchaser.

You’ll be happy to know:

If there are any defects in workmanship or material, you’re covered by Ergoflex’s solid 2 year warranty.

Overall: This premium pillow will provide you with solid support for years to come.

3. My Side Gel Infused Inlay Memory Foam Pillow 

FortyWinks offers customers with one of Australia’s most premium memory foam pillows.

The My Side Gel Infused Inlay Memory Foam Pillow, available in 3 different height profiles:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High

This may just be the pillow you’re after.

My Side Gel Infused Inlay Memory Foam Pillow

Price, Warranty & Features

Offered at $229, this pillow comes with a whopping 5 year warranty!

Boasting some cool features including:

  1. TENCEL Lyocell cellulose fibres – Absorbs moisture and controls sleep temperature offering a cool and comfortable sleep
  2. TENCEL pillowcase cover – Making it easy to care for your memory foam pillow
  3. Made using memory foam – Relieves pressure points whilst providing great support

It’s important to note:

The pillow itself is not adjustable in height, you purchase the pillow at the desired height.

Delivery, Warranty & Payment

  • A standard $10 delivery applies for the majority of locations
  • Warranties/ guarantees for faults or defects are covered by Australian Consumer Law
  • 12 months interest free credit option available

Overall: If you’re looking for a top of the range pillow, which will support you for years to come, this memory foam pillow is a top pick.

4. Relax Therapy Memory Foam Pillow

Brisbane based Pillow Talk brings to you the Relax Therapy Memory Foam Pillow.

Offered in standard and contour options across 3 different profiles:

  1. Contour
  2. Medium
  3. High

Relax Therapy Memory Foam Pillow

This premium pillow is designed to optimise spinal alignment by moulding to your head and neck shape, providing excellent support whilst you snooze away.

It is also easy to care for with its removable cotton velour cover which is machine washable.

Another big bonus is that you can try the pillow in store before making your decision.

Delivery & Returns

You can expect your pillow to arrive within 2 – 7 business days in metropolitan areas for a smooth delivery fee of $10.95 nationwide.

If you live in a rural area, delivery may take a little longer.

Once purchased, the pillow is non-returnable or exchangeable unless faulty. 

Price, Promotion & Payment 

  1. The contour pillow, contour profile: $59
  2. The standard pillow, medium profile: $65
  3. The standard pillow, high profile: $75

First time Pillow Talk shoppers also get 10% off their first order…

So make sure to make the most of it!

But wait, there’s more:

Pillow Talk also offers a flexible monthly interest free payment option via Afterpay.

Overall: A Premium pillow offered at a great price, giving customers many options to choose from.

5. Somnio Clean Memory Foam Pillow 

The Somnio Clean memory foam pillow by Sommuto is loaded with features:

  1. The pillow is 100% washable
  2. Its innovative thermal design regulates temperature and cools you whist you sleep
  3. Memory foam moulded construction – Provides pressure relief and awesome spinal support
  4. 100% dust mite and hypoallergenic resistant

This is the companies high profile pillow offered at a height of (15cm).

Somnio Clean Memory Foam Pillow

Price, Payment & Delivery

For what it offers, this pillow is very competitively priced.

You can buy one pillow for a silky $99 or $175 for the twin pack.

It can be purchased via Zip, a flexible buy now pay later interest free payment option.

Your memory foam pillow will be delivered free of charge between 1 – 5 business days.

Trial, Warranty & Returns

Great news:

This pillow comes with a 100 night trial!

Besides Ecosa, Sommuto is the only other company on this list that provides a trial.

They also offer customers 12 month warranty and free returns.

Awesome Stuff! 

Overall: You’re really getting great value for money with this pillow. 

6. Sooma Clean Memory Foam Pillow

The Sooma Clean memory foam pillow is also brought to you by Sommuto.

This is their low profile pillow offered at a height of (12cm).

Sooma Clean Memory Foam Pillow


You can pick up a Sooma Clean today for $69!

Alternatively, you can purchase the twin pack for $120.

All the other details of this pillow are the same as the Somnio Clean.

Overall: You’re getting the best bang for your buck with this one! 

7. Morgan & Finch Memory Foam Pillow 

Available from Bed Bath N’Table the Morgan & Finch memory foam pillow is offered at:

  • Medium profile for $69.95
  • High profile for $97.95

Product Features

  1. Polyurethane core and memory foam design – Conforms to your head and neck offering excellent support
  2. Naturally hypoallergenic – Great for those who suffer from allergies or asthma
  3. Removeable cotton sateen cover – Easy to clean

Morgan & Finch Memory Foam Pillow

Payment, Discounts & Delivery

You can purchase this premium pillow interest free, over monthly payments thanks to Afterpay.

Bed Bath N’Table offer free delivery for purchases over $150, otherwise there is a flat delivery fee of $15.

If you are a Bed Bath N’Table Rewards member, you benefit from 15% off a range of their full priced items including pillows!


Make the most of it!

For those who live in metropolitan areas, you can expect to receive your pillow within 4 – 10 business days, otherwise it may take up to 14 business days.


If the product is in original condition and packaging, you have the option to return it within 14 days of delivery.

If you are a Rewards member, your return window is extended to 30 days.

Overall: A comfortable top end memory foam pillow offered at a great price. 

8. Sleeping Duck Pillow 

The premium Sleeping Duck Pillow made from their Hyper-Adaptive foam may be the choice for you.

It is designed to give you a feeling of weightlessness as you sleep.

Key Features

  1. Height of 9cm
  2. Memory Foam – Offers pressure relief
  3. Latex – Provides buoyancy
  4. Open design making the pillow extremely breathable whilst keeping you cool

Sleeping Duck Memory Foam Pillow

This great combination of memory foam and latex will have you feeling like you’re sleeping on clouds whilst providing great support.

Price, Payment & Delivery

This quality memory foam pillow is priced at $120.

Sleeping Duck also offer a flexible interest free monthly payment option via Zip.

Your dreamy memory foam pillow will be delivered within 5 – 10 business days.

Overall: A very breathable, lightweight pillow offered at a decent price.

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There you have it, our 8 best memory foam pillows Australia review for 2019.

Which pillow did you decide to go with?

Let us know!

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