Sleeping Duck Vs Koala: Price, Features and Who’s Best [2023 Update]

Updated On: 25 April 2022

By: Mattress In A Box Reviews

The gloves are on and the Sleeping Duck Vs Koala showdown is about to begin!

Who will be the victor in this 2023 main event?

Sleeping Duck Vs Koala

If you’re thinking about buying either of these best mattress options, we’ll break down everything you need to know.

Let’s dive right into it.

When to Use The Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress

Melbourne based and founded in 2014, Sleeping Duck has had some quick success, being featured on Shark Tank and have continuously evolved their mattress overtime.

4 unique layers makes the Sleeping Duck Mach II a popular mattress, built to high standards from the BreatheTech cover to the Motherboard multi-zoned spring system.

With the ability to customise the firmness options, the mattress is a sound option for those who aren’t sure on which mattress is most suitable for them.

SD Mach II

The Antigravity Surface foam cushions like memory foam and at the same time gives you the ability to move freely like latex.

In saying so:

The mattress is quite balanced and suitable to a range of sleep types.

If you’re not sure which mattress would be most suitable for you, the Sleeping Duck Mach II is a favourable choice for the undecided shopper who wants to pick a quality option.


  • Innovative mattress technology
  • Commitment to quality
  • Suitable for a range of sleep types
  • Hybrid spring and foam construct


  • Costs more compared to other choices
  • Heavy mattress

When to Use The Koala Soul Mate Mattress

Sydney based Koala Sleep has come a long way since launching in 2015. They now operate in Japan and have expanded their product range well beyond their well known mattress.

Being the most popular mattress in a box in Australia, the Koala is one of the most rated.

If you’re a sleeper looking for a simple foam solution, this could be your choice.

Koala Soul Mate Mattress

Composed of 5 foam layers, the luxury mattress is suitable for those who want to shop a trusted, highly rated brand.


  • Cost
  • Quick delivery
  • Customer service
  • Minimal partner disturbance


  • Very expensive
  • Heavy mattress

Sleeping Duck Vs Koala at a Glance


Sleeping Duck Logo
Koala Logo






Quality Choice


Luxe Choice




King Single



















10 Years

10 Years

Night Trial

100 Nights

120 Nights

Read Review

For those of you who want a short and sweet answer:

The Sleeping Duck is the better mattress overall.

In short:

Although the Koala is cheaper, the Sleeping Duck is of much higher quality.

For those of you who want more detail…

Be sure to read on!

How We Evaluated: Sleeping Duck Vs Koala

Here’s how we compared the mattresses and what to expect in this Sleeping Duck vs Koala showdown:

We took the core features of both mattresses and compared them directly against one another.

This way, our Sleeping Duck Vs Koala comparison and final decision would be decided by what matters most to mattress shoppers.

Sleeping Duck Vs Koala Feature Comparison

1. Size, Price and Value

This section will assist two types of shoppers:

  • Those who are more budget inclined and
  • Customers who are more quality concerned

Sleeping Duck

Consisting of 4 foam uniquely designed layers, the Sleeping Duck Mach II is a strong consideration for those looking for a high quality and customisable mattress.

In fact:

You’re able to customise firmness in over 5 locations of the mattress.

Mach II sizes and prices are as listed:

  • Single: $999
  • King Single: $1,099
  • Double: $1,349
  • Queen: $1,649
  • King: $1,999

Koala Mattress

The Koala mattress on the other hand is priced on the more expensive end.

It’s currently available in the following sizes and prices:

  • Double: $2,350
  • Queen: $2,700
  • King: $2,950

Feature Winner

Quality Pick: SD Mach II

If you’re looking to change your current mattress, the Sleeping Duck Mach II or Koala Soul Mate mattress would both be an upgrade.

However, if you want the crème de la crème, look no further than the Sleeping Duck Mach II.

2. Mattress Layers and Care

What makes up a mattress?

Well the layers of course.

Within this Sleeping Duck vs Koala comparison, we’ll take a deeper look at the layers that make up both.

Sleeping Duck Mach II

From top down, the SD Mach II has the following precisely engineered layers:

1. BreatheTech Cover: Bamboo made, highly breathable, silky smooth feeling and machine washable

2. Antigravity Surface Foam: Combination feel of latex and memory foam - made from high density AirGrown polyurethane foam, GECA approved and quite breathable

Sleeping Duck Mach II Layers

3. Component Adapt Customisation System: This layer allows you to select the firmness of your mattress, either medium or firm. Also made from high density AirGrown polyurethane foam

4. Motherboard Multi-Zoned System: Lastly, a twice tempered steel spring base, with independent spring support and designated zones to ensure a balanced and aligned sleep

Koala Mattress

In comparison is the Koala mattress with the following:

1. Sensapole Sleep Surface Technology: The cover is made of a 9cm pleasant lining and a 2cm quilted soft inside. It will keep you cool and comfortable all year

2. Flippable Kloudcell Comfort: The firm-firm and medium-firm middle layer may be switched by just unzipping the top layer and flipping it over, allowing you to select between two levels of firmness

Koala Soul Mate Mattress Layers

3. Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam: What you may anticipate in a high-end mattress, charcoal memory foam, antimicrobial protection, contouring to your body and relieving pressure while also promoting airflow

4. 5 Zoned Adaptive Foam Springs: Each zone is designed to target a specific region of your body, giving personalized support based on your sleeping habits and type. Adding a more comfortable feel while also regulating heat

5. StayPut Edge Support: This mattress comes fitted with a sturdy support which runs along the entire perimeter of it

Mattress Care

When it comes to mattress care, the Sleeping Duck and Koala mattress have you covered.

The mattresses provided by these companies come with a removable washable cover.

Making them both easy to clean.

However, the cover of the Mach II is of higher quality:

  • Being made from spun bamboo yarn
  • Has a very soft and comfortable touch and
  • Is more breathable than the Koala cover

Feature Winner

Sleeping Duck Mach II.

Sophisticated and highly customisable firmness, that provide a more bespoke sleeping experience compared to that of the Koala.

3. Comfort, Firmness and Durability

What sleeping experience should you expect with these mattresses and how do they compare?

Sleeping Duck

The Sleeping Duck Mach II is available in three options, medium, firm and custom.

  • Medium firmness: Rating of 5.5/10
  • Firm firmness: Rating 7/10
  • 5 zones: Custom to you

With regards to comfort, this really depends on which firmness setting you’d prefer.

You also have the option to adjust the firmness across 5 different sections of the mattress from head to toe.

This would be useful if you require, say, more support on your hips but less for your head.

Koala Mattress

On the other hand, the Koala mattress has two firmness options.

Medium: 7/10 and

Firm: 8/10

Feature Winner

Sleeping Duck Mach II.

We rated the SD as being more suitable for a wider range of sleepers.

It’s quality of options and customisation make it a clear stand out here.

4. Sleeping Position Suitability

Are you a back, front, side or combination sleeper?

Your sleeping position could determine which mattress is best for you.

Sleeping Duck Mach II

  • Medium option: More most suitable for side sleepers
  • Firm option: Suitable for back sleepers
  • Customisable option: Combination/ front sleeper compatible

Koala Mattress

Due to the construction, the Koala mattress is more suited to side sleepers, however it performs well for back and stomach sleepers as well.

The firmness level of the mattress is medium to firm. When you are sleeping on your side, it will feel much firmer because of the weight distribution for this position. However, when you switch to your back or stomach, the weight distribution will become less and the mattress will feel a bit softer.

Feature Winner

Sleeping Duck Mach II.

Catering to a wider range of sleeping types and positions.

5. Night Trial, Returns and Warranty

This section of the Sleeping Duck vs Koala comparison will tell you exactly what you need to be aware of if you decide to buy either product.

Both companies offer a 10 year warranty and have very similar warranty policies.

  • Sleeping Duck offers a 100 night free trial
  • Whereas Koala offers a 120 night free trial

When it comes to returns, Sleeping Duck offers a full refund and they also cover the cost of the return.

Similar to Sleeping Duck, if you decide to return your mattress during the trial period, Koala will provide a full refund granted the mattress is still in good condition.

If you live in a metropolitan area, Koala will return your mattress free of charge.


If you live outside one of these areas, you may be charged a return fee.

Feature Winner

We’re calling this one a draw, for these reasons:

  • Same warranty length
  • Koala offers a longer night trial by 20 days
  • Sleeping Duck’s return policy is slightly more flexible

6. Environmentally Friendly

How do these companies take care of the environment’s health?

When it comes to doing their part for the environment, both Sleeping Duck and Koala have really stepped their game up.

The foams these companies use are GECA (Good Environment Choice Australia) certified.

They have really put in the time and effort to adhere to such a high standard.

Being GECA certified means their products have been proven to be produced in a way which is environmentally responsible.

Feature Winner

With Sleeping Duck and Koala both doing their part for the environment, it's another draw here.

7. Payment Options

When it comes to buying your mattress online, it’s important to know what payment options you have available to you.

When purchasing the Sleeping Duck Mach II or Koala mattress, you have the following standard payment options:

  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Visa

There both also offer flexible, interest free monthly payment options:

  • Afterpay
  • Zip Money

Feature Winner

With both companies offering standard and flexible payment options…

A draw has been decided.

Nevertheless, it’s definitely good to know this in advance.

8. Delivery

Quite an important service to consider here.

If you want to buy either mattress, here’s what you need to know when it comes to your delivery options. 

Both companies deliver their mattresses in a box and free of charge Australia wide.

Sleeping Duck offers a Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. delivery.

With deliveries expected to arrive within 5 – 10 business days.

Koala offers the same standard delivery as Sleeping Duck.


They also offer weekday evening and Saturday morning deliveries.


If you order your mattress before 2 p.m. on a weekday and live in the following metropolitan areas:

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

You can have your mattress delivered on the same day.

Otherwise you can expect your mattress delivery within 1 - 5 business days.

Feature Winner

Koala mattress.

Offering a lot more flexibility around delivery, Koala is the clear victor.

Standout Features: Sleeping Duck Vs Koala

Sleeping Duck Hybrid Mattress

Comprising both of foam layers and a spring system, the Sleeping Duck’s hybrid construct is a key standout feature.

What makes this so great?

Well it’s really a combination of the best of the past and the latest developments in mattress technology.

The foam to spring build provide sleepers with a superior sleeping experience.

Koala Charity Work

Having partnered with WWF Australia for some time now…

And donating a portion of each sale to help save Koalas from going extinct in NSW, Koala really does their part to help our furry little friends.

Awesome stuff!

When To Shop For An Alternative Product

In this section, we really wanted to highlight and provide an alternative for both products.

Noa Home Original - Sleeping Duck Mach II Alternative

Noa Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Noa Home - SD Mach II Alternative

  • Value for money
  • Quality for money
  • Hybrid mattress

Simply put, the Noa Home Original is a hybrid mattress as well.

It comes jam packed with features.

Customers praise it’s high quality and value for money.

And this is what makes it the Mach II alternative.

Similar features, but not price tags.

In fact Noa Home is almost 50% cheaper across all size options:

Mattress Size

Noa Home

Sleeping Duck




King Single












Emma Diamond Hybrid - Koala Mattress Alternative

Emma Mattress

Emma Sleep - Koala Alternative

  • Value for money
  • Price competitive
  • Well rounded

For those of you who are looking for a memory foam mattress:

The Emma Sleep is a quality option at a fraction of the price compared to that of the Koala.

It has 5 layers in total:

  1. Elastic Climate-Regulating Cover: This mattress's cover is made of a smart material that controls the temperature and humidity levels in the mattress. When you sleep, your body will not be exposed to excessive heat or perspiration.
  2. Diamond Degree Graphite Foam: The Emma mattress is made of graphite foam, which has a high density and durability. It also relieves strain and provides the ideal amount of body support during sleep.
  3. Adaptive Comfort Foam: It adapts to your body type and weight, which is why it provides spine alignment and maximum comfort while you sleep.
  4. Pocket Spring System: This system, which is unique to the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress, offers more body contouring and responds well to motions. The springs in the mattress move independently from one another, shaping to your body weight and movement. As a result, your spouse will not be disturbed by your sleeping habits.
  5. HRX Foam Base: This foundation serves as a strong basis for this mattress and helps to support the entire structure. The HRX base, which covers three zones to support your body weight and movement, guarantees that you are well rested throughout sleep.

And the best part, it’s cheaper than the Koala mattress:

Mattress Size

Emma Sleep

Koala Mattress




King Single












Sleeping Duck Vs Koala: The Winner

So who won in this epic battle of Sleeping Duck vs Koala?

Offering quality, customisation and superior sleeping experience…

The Sleeping Duck Mach II is victorious in this mattress battle.

However, that’s not to say that the Koala mattress isn’t for you.

As a recap, here’s what to consider for across both mattresses when making your decision:

Go for the Sleeping Duck Mach II if:

  • You’re after a high quality mattress
  • Want greater levels of customisation
  • You don’t want to commit to one firmness level
  • You’re uncertain what firmness option you’d prefer

Go for the Koala mattress if:

  • Want to shop with a mature Australian brand
  • Are looking for a luxury mattress

Now It’s Your Turn To Put The Gloves On

There you have it - Our Sleeping Duck vs Koala review!

Which company do you prefer? Let us know and share your shopping experiences in the comment section.

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  1. Koala mattress arrived on same of ordering which was amazing service.. On unpacking it was incredible there was a cuddly koala inside.. so cute and thank you..
    I’ve just tried the koala loved it..
    Its like sleeping on a cloud feels light under your body plus very cool in temperature..Great support without being harsh or feeling as though you’re being wrapped around it or sinking into it… I just felt I was on top of the mattress such an airy feel to it.. Incredible feeling and eased my aches and pains…
    I have a bad back.. neck pain which would result in disturbed sleep..
    This mattress was a dream to me it was honestly the best matrass I’d ever had or slept on.. But unfortunately I was very reluctant to return it due to irritated eyes???
    There must had been something in the material I was allergic to ( I DO NOT HAVE ALLEGIES)
    So over the next 4 weeks I alterned sleep from the old mattress and koala… when I went back to the old mattress my eyes had no problems, the next evening I’d try the koala but the following morning my eyes were swollen irritable and very weepy… It was with deep regret I had to call koala to pick up the mattress.
    There were no troubles in returning.. Was picked up with no problems.. the full refund of the money deposited into my bank account as promised.. no charge for delivery or pick up and you were even alloeed to keep the cuddly toy koala with his blue waistcoat..
    If I did not have thevallergic reaction to the mattress I would never have returned it.. It was perfect for me… I aired it as instructed and followed all the recommendations… I used a mattress protector and that was washed every morning after I slept on the mattress the night before.. I was hoping whatever irritated my eyes, would, over a period of time, improve and be irradiated but on this occasion it wasn’t to be…
    I would have no problems
    recommending the koala mattress, even though it did irritate my eyes..the sophisticated technology that gives you a wonderful mattress that in turn gives you a restful night sleep is truly amazing… 🦉🛌💤🌛🌟

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