The Ultimate Noa Sleep Mattress Review [2019 Update] 

Last Updated: January 6, 2019

By  Mattress In A Box Reviews

Wondering whether or not the Noa Sleep Mattress will give you a good night’s sleep?

Well our review will have you wondering no more!

Noa Sleep Mattress Review

Here’s a breakdown of our wonder busting review:

  1. The Noa Sleep Hybrid Mattress
  2. 15 Year Warranty
  3. 100 Night Trial, Free Returns & Refunds
  4. Environmentally Friendly
  5. Payment Options & Delivery
  6. BONUS: Noa Sleep Bed Frame

1. The Noa Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Unlike the conventional memory foam mattress, the Noa Sleep Hybrid mattress prides itself on its premium quality.

Featured as a top 5 memory foam mattress for 2019.

This mattress is loaded with features and benefits:

  • Suited for a range of sleeping positions and body types
  • Offers a supportive and cooling great night sleep
  • Signature hybrid medium-firm mattress
  • Internal responsive spring system
  • Range of layered foams including breathable open-cell natural latex and gel infused memory foam layers

The Noa Sleep Hybrid Mattress

The Noa Sleep mattress is offered at the following sizes and prices:

  • Single: $449
  • King Single: $549
  • Double: $649
  • Queen: $749
  • King: $849

The current $350 off any mattress sale has been applied to the prices.

Also rated as one the top 5 best mattress in a box for 2019.

We do believe that you do get the best bang for your buck when you shop with Noa Sleep.

2. 15 Year Warranty

Hold on there…

Yes, you did read that correctly, Noa Sleep offers a whopping 15 year warranty.

That means if you’re 25 years old and reading this…

You can sleep tight until you’re 40!

Noa Sleep 15 Year Warranty

This lengthy warranty illustrates the confidence Noa Sleep has in the quality of their product.

But the warranty is limited, so we read the finer details and summarised what you need to know:

  • The product must be purchased directly from Noa Sleep and is not transferrable, so no second-hand purchases if you want to be covered
  • The mattress must be continuously supported by a bed frame (you can’t have your mattress on the floor or on slats)
  • If there is a manufacturing defect/ fault, you’re covered. In such instances, Noa Sleep will advise whether your mattress will be repaired or replaced
  • Any damage caused by the user is not be covered

By the way…

The Noa Sleep team know their products very well, so don’t try anything funny!

3. 100 Night Trial, Free Returns & Refunds

Any Noa Sleep customer has the comfort of a 100 night risk free trial.

Noa Sleep 100 Night Trial

There are 3 things to keep in mind:

  • The 100 night trial is only available for the original purchaser
  • If you buy more than one mattress, you’ll only be eligible to refund one mattress per shipping address
  • If you refund a product, you won’t receive a 100 night trial on any future purchases

Noa Sleep do recommend you use your mattress for at least 30 days before deciding whether or not you want to keep the mattress.

During the 100 day trial period, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you’ll be entitled to a free return no questions asked refund.

You’ll be happy to know:

All retuned products are either recycled or donated to local charities.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Noa Sleep hugs the environment with their mattress components being OEKO-TEX and REACH certified.

These certifications promote both the protection of the environment and human health.

Noa Sleep Environmentally Friendly

Furthermore, for Noa Sleep to have attained an OEKO-TEK certificate, their mattress has been proven to be free from a range of substances harmful to the health of humans.

Great stuff!

5. Payment Options & Delivery

You can purchase your mattress via the follow secure methods:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • PayPal

Unlike some of the other mattress in a box companies, Noa Sleep doesn’t provide the payment options of Afterpay or Zip Money.

Noa Sleep Payment Options & Delivery

Do you live in Australia?

Congratulations, you’ve just qualified for Noa Sleep’s free delivery.

Within 3-7 business days, your mattress will be delivered to your front door in a box!

6. BONUS: Noa Sleep Bed Frame

If you need a new bed frame to go with your mattress…

The section of simple, stylish and sophisticated dream beds by Noa Sleep might by what you’re looking for.

Noa Sleep Bed Frame

Their dream beds include:

  • Sunrise bed
  • Sunset bed
  • Sunrise bed frame
  • Sunset bed frame

The main difference between the two is that the beds have a headboard whilst the bed frames don’t.

Available sizes are double, queen and king with a price range of $499 – $999.

Delivery is free and you can expect your product to arrive within 3-5 business days.

You can also enjoy a 1 year warranty with refunds on unopened and new products.

So if you change your mind when it arrives, be sure not to open it!

Another big plus is that their products are made of FSC certified wood.

Noa Sleep FSC Certified Wood

This certificate is another big tick.

It guarantees that the products are handled the right way from the forest to your front door.

How Did We Go?

There you have it, our Now Sleep mattress review. Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts whether you’re a customer or thinking about buying a mattress, let us know.

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